E&S_Wall provides a wide range of decorating services for the play area in a child’s room that aim to create a space that stimulates creativity, imagination and development of the child.

Services we offer

  • Design according to the child’s interests. We take into account the child’s interests, creating a unique play area design that reflects their preferences and hobbies;
  • Concept and planning. Help you conceptualize a play area based on the child’s age and needs to create a functional and engaging space;
  • Selecting play elements. Assistance in selecting toys, constructors, educational games and other elements that promote the child’s development and creativity;
  • Wall decor and interior elements. Suggestions for using special stickers, wallpaper, paintings or special decor elements that create interesting play scenes on the walls;
  • Space Organization. Assistance in organizing play space for easy access to toys and learning materials;
  • Safety and ergonomics. Considering the safety of play elements and their comfort for the child to prevent possible injuries and ensure comfortable play time;
  • Developmental games and activities. Offering ideas for games and activities that promote a child’s mental and physical development;
  • Adapting to growth. Creating solutions that can adapt to a child’s age-related changes and interests, ensuring that new needs are developed and met.

Our services aim to create a play space that stimulates the imagination, creativity and development of the child, providing joyful and educational moments within the home.