Interesting ideas for a child’s room can be found on the Internet and magazines. When choosing any decor, it is important to focus also on the general style that is created in the whole house or apartment. However, some design ideas suggest, on the contrary, creating a contrast with other rooms. This makes it possible to create a completely special world for a little person.

How to equip the children’s room, every parent decides for himself. If the child already has his own opinion and can express it, he should definitely be involved in the process of creating a design. You can show him different options for design, identify the pros and cons in them, and then come to a common decision. This joint work will definitely bring the child and parents closer together, will help to understand each other perfectly. Of course, the baby will be very pleased that he was connected to this activity, and his desires were taken seriously.

What to consider

The children’s room is a special place, and for this room it is important to consider absolutely every nuance. In it should not be installed exclusively a closet and a bed. It is worthwhile to equip the working area – a place where there will be a desk, where you can do sports. Zoned necessarily need and play area, and also to buy for it special furniture that will allow you to quickly and easily clean. Manufacturers offer a large number of different interior items, so you can find suitable options for any area of the room.

Before starting the repair, it is important to assess the thermal insulation qualities of the walls in the room. If required, they should be insulated. This is extremely important – only after this step you can proceed to the decorative design.

It is also important to ensure and quality ventilation of the room in which the children will live. With a constant supply of fresh air and a suitable level of humidity, they will feel much better. Therefore, it is worth taking care not only about the beauty of the design, but also about creating an optimal microclimate.

Up to 3 years

For babies, the design of a children’s room should be arranged according to specific rules. In them it is extremely important to avoid the presence of any sharp corners, as well as glass surfaces that can break. It is worth installing a changing table, so that it was easier for mom to change the baby’s clothes. And when the baby starts “active”, it is worth not forgetting to put a rug on the floor. It must necessarily be made of hypoallergenic materials, be pleasant to the touch, and also from it should easily remove any contaminants.

If the area of the room allows, the playpen will fit perfectly into the children’s interior of the room, which will give the opportunity to create another safe and interesting space for the child. Different models are made of natural materials, they can have different colors, shape, size. There are folding, as well as stationary options to choose from.

From 3 to 7 years old

At this age, as a rule, the design of the interior of the children’s room for the first time radically changes. Instead of a small crib, parents install an already large sleeping place. In the playpen is no longer necessary, but the carpet on the floor can remain – it certainly does not interfere. Toys become more, their size increases. Therefore, parents often install other furniture for them, so that they can be stored in order.

At this age, children usually already talk and can express their opinion about how they would like to see their room. It is important to make it interesting so that the baby is not afraid to be alone and enjoys spending time in it. Decor is usually added even more.


When the child goes to school, the space in his room most often changes significantly again. Instead of most of the toys on the shelves and table, various electronics are already installed. And also an obligatory part of the room becomes a desk.

At this age, children independently choose the design of their room according to their own tastes and interests.


Over time, the space ceases to be pronounced “childish”. In the space of a teenager’s room should also be everything for comfortable learning, leisure activities, hobbies, but the design should be chosen by the child himself.

This gives the opportunity to reflect his interests, character and personality in the surrounding space.