There are many different tools and designs for organizing the space of a child’s room in a rational way. There are both expensive and economical ways to adapt the room to your wishes.

Separation by installing sliding doors. Sliding doors are often used when you want to separate the children’s room and the living room (bedroom). They require special installation, but fully divide the room into two isolated rooms. If you need to perform zoning, this method is not suitable.

Separation with the help of cabinets and shelves. Predominantly used in small areas. The advantage of this method is that cabinets not only divide the territory, but also serve as an additional place in the nursery for storing books, toys and other necessary things. In addition, they help to shade the recreation area. The main condition – the partition should not prevent movement and interfere with children’s games. These elements of furniture will be useful in the future, when the child grows up.

Partitioning with a partition made of plasterboard. If you need to radically and permanently divide the sections of the room, use this method. Often with the help of plasterboard partition separates the sleeping place. The design will perfectly divide the room, but visually reduce the square meters.

Separation with curtains and screens. Large rooms are divided by screens, which clearly delimit the zones, creating, if necessary, darkening. As a rule, this kind of partitions separate the sleeping area. Easily and safely isolate the bed will help portieres, especially if it is a girl’s room. Curtains are simply pushed aside if necessary.

Separation by means of a catwalk. A small elevation is acceptable even when space is limited. The podium helps to form levels for all kinds of activities. Different types of flooring are used in different functional areas. If it is a sleeping place, suitable carpet, if the play area – linoleum, etc.

How to combine a bedroom and a nursery. To divide a one-room apartment, where a family with a child lives, is quite a difficult task. The optimal solution is the use of plasterboard partitions, or installation of plasterboard walls with sliding doors. Thus, there is a separate space for both parents and child. In the part of the room where there is more light, it is better to organize a nursery.

Division of the room into a hall and a nursery. The design of the children’s room should be thought through, taking into account the specifics and parameters of the room. A place for the younger members of the family in a one-room apartment can be allocated in a common large room. If we talk about the living room or another room, the territory is delimited by screens and plasterboard walls with sliding doors. This method is very practical and provides the child with peace of mind, which is very important.