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Sakura Flowers on the Branch

Sakura Flowers on the Branch
Sakura Flowers on the Branch Sakura Flowers on the Branch Sakura Flowers on the Branch Sakura Flowers on the Branch Sakura Flowers on the Branch Sakura Flowers on the Branch

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Sakura Flowers on the Branch

Size:Large:  100*40 cm  XLarge: 150*60 cm


This wall sticker belongs to the tree and flower category of our wall decal. The whole sticker is about so many pink sakura flowers are blooming on the branch. These pink colors will surely give life to your room and they are really beautiful additions.


- Easy to apply, "Just Peel & Stick".
- Self-Adhesive, there is no need of extra tools like glue or adhesive tapes.
- Best adhering to matte, satin or semi-gloss or any smooth surfaces.
- Easy to paste, simply lift a corner of the decal with your finger and peel off the cover, and then paste it to wherever you want.
- No residue left on the surface after being removed.

To sticke our wall decals onto the wall, there is no need of extra tools. Just peel off the back paper of the decals and paste them closely to the surfaces, that's it! The wall decals will safely adhere to any smooth or slightly textured surfaces. They are easy to apply and definitely removable without leaving any adhesive residues on the wall.




Wall stick paste techniques and matters needing attention:

1.On modelling:

Encounter greater rich patterns, you can first wall along the blank part cut into small

units, and then fight good shape on the ground, one by one each small unit according to the position of sticking to the wall.

2. paste pattern

Paste without transferring the film pattern, the pattern of a first opened to the wall a preset position, and then a hand to reveal the inside story of paper, a hand gently

smooth wall stickers. If you accidentally posted the wrong position, don't worry, gently tear re paste can be, as long as the quality is good enough, the wall surface clean without dust, repeated 3-4 times posted no problem. Suggestions to design good layout before the paste and paste, too many repeated paste will also affect the sticking effect oh!

3. according to the tight edge

Pattern after a good stick, please go along the wall edge slowly according to tight compaction, can make the wall better and wall adhesion, prevent the edge. May be some pattern occurred early curling, please do not worry, it will tilt the part to tightly press, repeated several times after pattern will no longer tilted flat.

4. the use of transfer film

Have a hollow or silk complicated patterns, transfer film to the wall to wall effect, can help you put these patterns with more smooth. The transfer film can be reused, transfer film you receive is based on the pattern and size. The transfer film with patterns together, affixed to the wall, remember to press the transfer film and wall contact part

(only needs to press the pattern part), so as not to tear down the wall sticking transfer film together, damage to walls.


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